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Tristan Paredes

Tristan Paredes

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Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to Ariana Grande's new song "thank u, next" which is about her ex boyfriends Pete Davidson, Mac Miller, & more.
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Jeniffer Vor 5 Stunden
This song sorta made me an Ariana grande stan
Linh-Dang Nguyen
Linh-Dang Nguyen Vor 6 Stunden
Rose Morgans
Rose Morgans Vor 7 Stunden
The more I listen to this the more shook I get. Also do u know how to play instruments cause if u do u should teach people how to play like popular songs!
Arely perez
Arely perez Vor 10 Stunden
You’re mean American artist cause in kpop they’ll just go from one album to the next in months
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith Vor 12 Stunden
The last artist that pumped out music this fast is One Direction. They recorded music while on the road and went on tour and then did promo for their music and side products and then went on tour again making more music.
Peyton Clendon
Peyton Clendon Vor 15 Stunden
React to the song Expectations
Amie Burnell
Amie Burnell Vor 15 Stunden
Your videos always inspire me to want to learn how to sing! Also I am LIVING for Ariana right now
Nico Böhnke
Nico Böhnke Vor 18 Stunden
KK Vor 20 Stunden
You have a great smile
ellery escue
ellery escue Vor 21 Stunde
You're not the best singer on earth...
Abby Palumbo
Abby Palumbo Vor 12 Stunden
he didn't say that.......
Jacqueline Tran
Jacqueline Tran Vor 22 Stunden
5:47 and 5:54
Gabe Copel
Gabe Copel Vor 22 Stunden
go to my channel! i made a “thank u, next” music video! hope u like it. 💟
QuinceCloud Vor 22 Stunden
6:03 when he mentions how he’s never seen an artist ever produce music so fast... yet he’s never heard of BTS and how they released that last albums 😂😂😂
Louajee Churchon
Louajee Churchon Vor Tag
Please react to William singe or Alex Aiono
TeaQueen IsHERE
TeaQueen IsHERE Vor Tag
I listened to this and was like oh meh geh
Annie Vor Tag
NiciMaria Vor Tag
u look like mason from waverly place
Nataly Cano
Nataly Cano Vor Tag
Alexa Laffitte
Alexa Laffitte Vor Tag
Do Billie Eilish
Chanel Martin
Chanel Martin Vor Tag
*meets james charles once* tristan:
Leilani DeFoe
Leilani DeFoe Vor Tag
Do something on Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd)! I'd love that so much. I looove watching your videos!
Monya Grant
Monya Grant Vor Tag
It’s the soul in her voice, she has an R&B vibes. I think that maybe the nasal thing your referring to. A lot of soulful singers to do it, in my opinion
Kate C
Kate C Vor Tag
This song is such a bop
Hannah J
Hannah J Vor Tag
idk if you're gay or straight but im attracted to u
Abby Palumbo
Abby Palumbo Vor 12 Stunden
he has a girlfriend but idk
Lindsay Collins
Lindsay Collins Vor Tag
6:12 literally Selena Gomez. I love her and revival was released in 2015 I need an album not one song released every 8 months I need more
Sapphires1985 Vor Tag
Never really was a fan but sweetner and this song love love love..
sky monsoon
sky monsoon Vor Tag
React to Mon Laferte next!!!
Eric Simon
Eric Simon Vor Tag
Yassss!!! the shout out to Tronicbox. They make the best remixes and all 80s to. "Love Me Harder" 80s remix SLAPS.
Kallie Shaee
Kallie Shaee Vor Tag
ThisIsAlly Vor Tag
Please react to Lauren Jauregui - Expectations
Emlyen Durden
Emlyen Durden Vor Tag
You should listen to her thank you next performance on Ellen!!!
Luca Foxy
Luca Foxy Vor Tag
Tristan, you have no idea how much I love you! :)
Anthonylit yo
Anthonylit yo Vor Tag
Zoe Tateyama
Zoe Tateyama Vor Tag
react to joji!!!
Maria Bastos
Maria Bastos Vor Tag
I used to dislike her songs a lot because she used to show off a lot with lots of screaming ang high notes everywhere. Her recent works, though, I actually love it. Much smoother, like she actuallys feels what she is singing.
Hailey Grove
Hailey Grove Vor Tag
In the bridge that she was singing “thank u next” and you said she wasn’t pronouncing the words fully and it’s relatable I thought she singing “bacon eggs”
Studyunicornlife Vor Tag
I love love the vibe of this song
xóAlex Msp
xóAlex Msp Vor Tag
Not trying to be shady, but Ariana disappeared for 2-3 years. She's just working back on MIA.. ♡
tommybanuelos Vor Tag
You missed the saddest part bc you stopped and talked.
Emili Milosevska
Emili Milosevska Vor Tag
The first 30 - 40 seconds is literally me in everyday life.
moonlight grande
moonlight grande Vor Tag
5:47 ...YIH 5:54 ...YEE hahaha ilysm ♡ ♡
Kaaay J
Kaaay J Vor Tag
You should do colleen Ballinger since she’s Arianna vocal coach
monia juan
monia juan Vor Tag
Hi u look like ansel
Milli M
Milli M Vor Tag
It's my first video, that I watched from you. I love the way you are dancing and smiling while listening 😍💕
EtiTheTit *
EtiTheTit * Vor Tag
SUSY Vor Tag
You should have reacted to her performance on Ellen... she looked so uncomfortable though, I’m not sure if it would be fair to her vocals. She was emotional and awkward...
Kristin Bonner
Kristin Bonner Vor Tag
You remind me of Brendan Urie
KillerAlmond 23
KillerAlmond 23 Vor Tag
I always smile when I hear this song. ❤️❤️👑
Sahar Malik
Sahar Malik Vor Tag
Does this song make anyone emosh
Sofija Sofi
Sofija Sofi Vor Tag
ya yeeh
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